A World in the past that allows you to make your choice and stand by it, Whether it be protecting the weak or killing the innocent.
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 Buster Sword

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PostSubject: Buster Sword   Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:59 am

Name: Buster Sword



1. Increases the users strength
2. Gains a 'flaming aura' when mana is stored within the blades handle
3. The whole blade can turn invisible [does not run out when not in use but when unsheathed it will only last 3-5 posts]

History: After being on the run for nearly a year Cloud and his friend, Zack Fair, travel back to civilisation. However the company that had put a bounty on their heads had seized control of the shinra army and began to pursue them. Due to Cloud being in a comatose state he wasn't much help to Zack, who protected him against the army. The army were great in numbers but Zack had managed to kill all but a few of them. He was gunned down by the few remaining soldiers.
Satisified by what they had done, the soldiers left the area, leaving Cloud and Zack for dead. On his death bed Zack entrusted the famous buster sword to cloud.

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Webmaster/First DoomLord/Part High Elf/King of Caldia
Webmaster/First DoomLord/Part High Elf/King of Caldia

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PostSubject: Re: Buster Sword   Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:02 pm


The wave of purging is soon to begin. The world will know the power of the Doom. Preapare for the first ultimate challenge that will begin with the coming of the Great One-From the book of DoomLord History and Lore
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Buster Sword
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