A World in the past that allows you to make your choice and stand by it, Whether it be protecting the weak or killing the innocent.
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 Kagetsu, Elf Sorceress Queen

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Elf Sorceress/High Elf Queen/Event Admin
Elf Sorceress/High Elf Queen/Event Admin

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PostSubject: Kagetsu, Elf Sorceress Queen   Sat Dec 12, 2009 5:00 pm



Basic Class(Warrior, Rouge/Archer or Mage.):Mage

History:Kagetsu was born in the "Holy Forest" as it was called. Her parents abandoned her because of the then strict Elf rules. She has grown to hate most Elves and only wishes for the fighting to stop once and for all. Other than that, she has no memory of anything else. All she knows now is that she is the Queen of the High Elfs and will do anything to stop the killing of her race.

Race(Human,Elf, High Elf,Orc):High Elf Queen

Allignment(Good, Lawful Good, Neutral, Evil and Chaotic Evil.):Neutral

Personality:Kagetsu has a split personality. One side is cheerful and happy and the other is cold and ruthless. When She is in battle her dark side comes out and when she is just relaxing and in public her light site comes out.

Rp sample:I havent rped in a while.

Stats:These are just to show how good you are in that category and these will be used in a fight. As such, You can have one 10 and one 9. the rest are 1-8.


Make your own topics.

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Webmaster/First DoomLord/Part High Elf/King of Caldia
Webmaster/First DoomLord/Part High Elf/King of Caldia

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PostSubject: Re: Kagetsu, Elf Sorceress Queen   Sat Dec 12, 2009 5:00 pm


The wave of purging is soon to begin. The world will know the power of the Doom. Preapare for the first ultimate challenge that will begin with the coming of the Great One-From the book of DoomLord History and Lore
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Kagetsu, Elf Sorceress Queen
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